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JetX is a game based on a random number generator (RNG). Since this game revolves around luck, you understand why there is no JetX strategy that guarantees you a win every round. However, there are tricks or styles of play adopted by some players that you should be aware of.

Essentially, these methods revolve around bankroll management, bet sizing, and judging when to take risks.

Essentially, these methods of playing JetX Aviator revolve around managing your bankroll, sizing your bets, and judging when to take risks.

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How to Win at JetX - 3 Winning Strategies

The tips, tricks and recommendations that we are about to give you are not 100% winning methods. It's just a way to reduce the house edge by playing with a strategy rather than randomly. In fact, while you can only cross your fingers when playing slots, you can use game strategies on games like blackjack and JetX.

But do not forget that even after winning several sessions in a row, in the end, the mathematical principle of the casino will overtake you too. To avoid this, follow certain rules below:

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JetX strategy 1

Make big bets with a low multiplier and vice versa small bets with a high multiplier. This method is often used by JetX players. By placing a big bet on a low multiplier, with an auto-withdrawal setting, they place the next bet in the same round on a high multiplier with a low bet. This strategy has two goals - to ensure re-winning with minimal risk and maintain a stable balance when using a large bet. At the same time, by placing a small bet, it becomes possible to increase the multiplier, thereby increasing your winnings.

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Let's look at an example - for a start, 6 euros are bet, with a multiplier of 1.40 on the left hand. In the same round, the next bet is 0.5 euros with a multiplier of x30, x50 or even x100 in another. Of course, we recommend placing bets based on your balance so that the session does not end too quickly. Before playing, read our guide on "Bankroll Management at Online Casinos: Learn to Play Smarter". It will allow you to learn something new or get additional information in this matter.

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Strategy 2

Withdraw your winnings as early as possible by playing volatility. This is another strategy based on the instability of the play style. Its essence is to increase the usual rate, removing them with a low multiplier. For general information, the minimum multiplier that can be collected in JetX is x1.35. The idea itself is to withdraw money from the casino as soon as it seems to you that there are enough of them in case of repeated winnings.

But keep in mind that higher rates can lead to a quick end to the session if you suddenly find yourself on a losing streak.

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Rule 3 - Using the Martingale Method with JetX

Another method that we can provide you is well known among casino players. But it is also the most dangerous, for various reasons. It is called the martingale technique and consists of starting the game with a minimum bet, which doubles with each loss. For example, we bet 1 euro and lose. After that, we need to bet already 2 euros, lose and bet 4 euros. After losing, we bet already 8 euros and win. In this scenario, the total amount of bets is 15 euros, and the winnings will be 16 euros in the final round. As a result, we get a profit of 1 euro.

But this technique can be extremely dangerous if you do not have a large bankroll. Let's see why.

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Jetx tactics

Limitation of Martingale tactics when playing JetX

Martingale is a rather risky method, for two reasons. The most common is that it is prohibited by the terms and conditions of the casino. They state it directly. The second reason is that you must have a large enough bankroll to use this style of play, otherwise the risk of going bankrupt if you fail is quite high.

Why? Let's take a look at an example. The player starts betting with 1 euro and in just 9 unsuccessful outcomes in a row, he will have to bet 512 euros: 1 euro-2 euro-4 euro-8 euro-16 euro-32 euro-64 euro-128 euro-256 euro and in the end 512 euros. If you still want to try this method on JetX, we recommend that you start with the minimum rates, for example, 0.2 euros or 0.4 euros.

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